About INC

What would an alternative Native universe look like? What if Batman or Superman were Native? Who would Native America call on to save their world when threatened by hostile aliens?

Why, the Indigenous Narratives Collective, of course!

Originally pitched as an idea by Arigon Starr, Jacques La Grange (San Carlos Apache) and Theo “Teddy” Tso (Las Vegas Paiute) at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, our newly formed group of Native American comic book writers, artists, designers and creators convened at the annual Phoenix Comic Con in June 2012. The convention boasts thousands of attendees, superstar programming (the panel with “Star Trek’s” William Shatner was a huge draw), plus a trade show featuring comic book creators and everything from “Star Wars” toys to Anime/Manga figures and costumes.

Native super heroes aren’t new. Michael Sheyashe’s excellent book “Native Americans in Comics: A Critical Study” outlines the evolution of Natives in popular comics. We’ve been written about and drawn in a variety of books like “The X-Men,” “Scout,” “Turok,” “Daredevil” and “Scalped.”

Yet, Native artists and writers haven’t been invited to the party!

We’re here to change that.  We want Native American superheroes drawn and written by Native American artists and we want to show a generation of young people that comics and graphic novels are still a viable means to initiate social change; changing the stereotypical images of Native people we encounter everyday, supporting the work of Native American professional artists and writers, and providing opportunities to showcase work that might otherwise have a limited range.

Join us as we welcome a new group of superheroes who have been on this continent for a long, long time!


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